Google Updates Maps for UK, Vancouver, and Chicago; Adding a More Detailed Public Transit

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Traveling is much easier, faster and fun for UK, Vancouver, and Chicago passengers as Google updates its Google Maps for the said countries.

In the official statement released, Google introduced the improvements that they have incorporated with the Maps in order to help commuters from UK, Vancouver, and Chicago to go around on public transit easier.

With today’s update, Google has added every single transit route in Britain to Google Maps. Thus, getting anywhere from Land?s End to John O?Groats is a lot easier than before.

“On the other side of the globe, Vancouverites looking for sun can now get real-time updates on whether a bus to Kits is faster than one to Third Beach,” David Tattersall, Product Manager, Public Transit said in the official statement from Google.

For Chicago passengers, Google has also updated their Maps apps in order to avoid congestion on Lake Shore Drive. Google said Cubs fans can now zip to and from Wrigley Field, armed with the real-time information they need to know to avoid jamming on the streets.

Moreover, the company has also added transit information for every host city in Brazil.


Google said that since 2007, they have worked to include public transit routes and schedules in Google Maps because according to their research, over 70 per cent of the people around the world do not own a car and suffers a lot in a bumper-to-bumper traffic.

Google?s transit data extends to six (6) continents, 64 countries and more than 15,000 towns and cities worldwide. But Google will not stop there, as the company said, ?And we?re not done yet: Google Maps will continue to improve?serving people the information they need to get around town when and where they need it.?

Google Maps is a mapping service application and technology provided by Google. It offers satellite imagery, street maps, and Street View perspectives, a route planner for traveling by foot, car, bicycle (beta test), or with public transportation. Google Maps is available in mobile and desktop.

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