Google to end forced Google+ integration.

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Google is making some major changes with regards to Google+. Reports say that they are going to end forced Google+ integration. This most likely means that Google has changed how they originally perceived Google+. It was originally supposed to be a direct competitor to Facebook and Twitter. This is huge news as this means that Google+ is being downgraded from being forced to users in every access point of all Google services. All of this news comes with Vic Gundotra, the head of Google+, suddenly announcing his departure from the company without much of a reason for the departure.

Since there is a major downgrade in importance now, there will also be a downgrade in resource. This means that a lot of employees will be moved to other divisions. The estimates are somewhere in the 1000 ? 1200 range, many of which helped form the core of Google+. The Google Hangouts team will supposedly be moved to Android with the Google+ photos team likely following those footsteps. It seems like the talent pool in the Google+ division will be transitioning to the Android platform in general.

This doesn?t mean the end of Google+ but the reality is that it hasn?t been the Facebook rival that Google was looking for it to be. It?s hard to gain traction against Facebook and Twitter as a social network so it makes sense that Google is looking into other ways to help build Google+. Users really also hated the forced Google+ integration as it was like forcing something you didn?t want to do, just so you could use their service.

With all these major shakeups, it?s unsure what will happen to Google+. With both employees and importance being stripped from the project, it will most likely continue to exist but with some tweaks and not as a major team in the Google company. It?s a drastic change because at one point, Google+ was so important to Google that every employee?s yearly bonus was closely tied to Google+?s success.

These changes should be felt relatively soon and we?ll know for sure what the future has in store for Google+.

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