Google Nexus 7 2017 Release Date, Features, Specs News & Update: Company to Rebrand Tablet as Pixel 7?

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Google Pixel 7

Ever since the famous leakster, Evan Blass, let slip that Google is releasing a new tablet, anticipation has been high for Android fans. There is a new rumor that Google is now considering making a change to the Pixel brand instead of Nexus. Because of this, there is a chance that the next tablet will be called Pixel 7 instead.

According to sources, the reason for the rebranding is to make all Google products homogenous with each other. Much like the Pixel phone, the Nexus 7, or otherwise known as the Pixel 7, will carry the same ?Made by Google? standard.

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Google Pixel 7 Specs

The brand change is not the only reason why Android fans are excited about the Pixel 7. The specs for the Pixel 7 is nothing short of amazing, even for a tablet its size.

Google Nexus 7 Tablet

For one, it will feature a Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 paired with 4GB of RAM. As for storage, the Pixel 7 will have a decent 64GB flash storage.

Google Pixel with Andromeda OS

In terms of software, rumor has it that the Pixel 7 will be the first tablet to feature a hybrid OS from Google. Dubbed the Andromeda OS, this operating system is a combination of Android and Chrome OS.

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This new OS will showcase all the best apps and feature from both Android and Chrome OS. The new OS is said to have cross-compatibility with future Google-made devices including Chromebooks.

Finally, another reason why the Pixel is a big deal has something to do with updates. Even though there are plenty of Android tablets around, like the Samsung Tab, nothing compares to a Google-made one. On every firmware updates released by Google, companies would still need to check compatibility with their products. Meanwhile, Google-made devices like the Nexus and Pixel phones can download the update as soon as it is released.

According to speculations, the Pixel 7 will be released this month in time for the holidays.

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