Google Sends Out a Message That the Chrome Tablet Is Ready

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Google Sends Out a Message That the Chrome Tablet Is Ready

It is all but official that Google will be producing a product called the Chrome Tablet.

Even if this company is not really for the gadgets, but for using them on the Internet, Google is sending out some signals that they will be pursuing the unit. They have been quietly updating the operating system that could run it.

Experts say that one of the many updates in the new system suggests that they are ready to release the unit anytime soon.

What Could Be That Feature?

There have been several adjustments in the new system. The most obvious thing that points out that they will do the Chrome Tablet is the onscreen keyboard. This will allow any person to type easily using a tablet Also; the keyboard can be run by a pointing device, a stylus of some sort.

This feature is useless if the OS will be used for anything that has an actual keyboard. It is still way more convenient to the physical one because it is more precise. Plus, there is nothing like the feeling of tapping the keys.

The other updates, on the one hand, solely depend on the ease of use. These include the Google Drive automated log-in, the side dock, and the new sticky keys that will make navigation easier.

ChromeBook and the Legacy of Google With Gadgets

Google has been supporting several gadgets already. They have made it with Nexus and Asus, among others. This could be the first time that they will be working with the entire gadget on their own. If the Chrome Tablet pushes through, experts say that it will not really be that revolutionary.

It will only be very beneficial to those who are using Google a lot. Those who do not really depend their lives on products and services of the company, can always have other better choices. This was the problem with their products that they have connived in before. If they can offer a newer and a more impressive feature, then, they can get a good shot at it.

Also, the Chrome Tablet is trying to focus on the hardware. For a lot of people, this does not matter anymore.

Google has all the means to produce a Chrome Tablet. However, do they have the idea that will give them a fair shot at the market? Or will this be just another product that will sit in gadget stores?

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