Google Reportedly Working on “KITT” Voice Search Feature To Allow Touchless Control and Web Surfing While Driving

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Reports surfaced recently about Google?s plans to include a new feature to all Android devices. The plan is said to be a voice search improvement that will let users give voice commands to their devices even without touching or looking at them. The feature is reportedly known internally as Google ?KITT? voice search.

KITT voice search for Android is apparently a reference to the artificially intelligent, talking car being featured in a TV show called Knight Rider. Other sources claim that the new Google innovation will be called ?Android Eyes Free.? Whatever the name may be, Google?s intention of developing this is to let users have a more efficient and safer Android experience while driving.

According to Android Police, who first reported about this topic, the new feature will be integrated to the Google Now functionality and will help improve the ?Okay, Google? series of voice commands. It is expected to be an always-on feature where users can utilize it even when not holding their devices or even while the phone is turned off, provided that it is connected to a charger.

Sources familiar to Google KITT voice search plans explained that this feature is especially useful for drivers. Once utilized, users need only to utter certain commands while the phone is ?listening.? For instance, when a user asks about the weather the phone will voice out the results indicated in the Google search card. Presently, if you do the same command Google Now will only reply with the first sentence of the weather forecast.

Answering voice calls, reading out notifications & messages and replying to them will supposedly be possible with the implementation of Google KITT voice search. To minimize visual distractions while driving, users will have the ability to listen to audio translations of all messages and emails.

When doing a web search, Google is still planning on how to deliver results more efficiently as this is a more complicated task. Currently, when you do a voice search via Google Now, it will only say something like ?Hear are the results for your query?? and presents a list of web results. Google?s development team is still exploring options if those results can be kept for later use or suggests to the user to pull over and read the results.

As tech observers may notice, this is somewhat similar to the Moto X voice feature which is also Google-made and offers spoken results to limit user distraction. However, the Google KITT voice search is intended to be more intelligent and to be applied to all Android devices. Although its always-on feature is already raising privacy concerns, there is no doubt that Google?s purpose in developing this technology is grounded on safety, and of course, the marketability of its own Android-powered devices.


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