Google releases Docs and Sheets to mobile

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Google has just released two new apps for the iOS and Google Play. These new apps are called Google Docs and Google Sheets. They are basically standalone versions of your favorite editing tools in Google Drive.

As expected, there is a common resemblance with the Google Drive app and to distinguish better between apps, there is a color coding scheme. Google Docs is colored blue, green for Sheets and Yellow for Slides that will be launched in the near future. Google has mentioned that the Google Drive app will eventually notify users to download the apps separately when they need to edit their documents on their mobile devices.

Some people may not like this update at all since it makes them download apps separately rather than having everything in one place. There is some truth to that, but there are also benefits that can be reaped because of this change. For instance, updates can be done much easier. When Google needs to add functionality to a specific document type, they can add it to the application designed for those documents. The files will also be identified so that they can be opened by the app that suits them. It is basically having what you usually see on your desktop, separate applications for separate tasks, but sharing a common functionality and design.

Performance-wise, the apps are fairly speedy with no noticeable lags even when opening large files or spreadsheets. They?re also optimized and can be used on older models of Android tablets. For the iOS version, they should be on par or possibly better compared to Apple?s own apps on their platform.

The trade off right now is that some features aren?t available to the iOS, but are already available in the Android platform. For example, text formatting options like font color or strikethrough have yet to be made available on the iOS, same with creating and editing charts. Hopefully, Google updates the iOS version soon so that these features can be made available.

At the end of the day, this push from Google shows that they are serious in wanting to break the stronghold of a single office suite in the mobile category. Many people already use the browser versions of these tools and having them on the mobile should be a welcome experience.

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