Google To Release New Tablet-Laptop Hybrid?

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After the successful release of Pixel and Pixel XL, Google seems to be cooking something again. This time, rumor has it that the tech giant is designing a new tablet that will arrive in late 2017. Should that be the case, then consumers have something so watch out for again next year.

Google?s new Pixel and Pixel XL are indeed two of the top phones released this year. Although both are a bit pricey, still, they are offering the best Android experience today. But, prior to their success, consumers experienced the Pixel C.

Speaking of, Pixel C is an Android tablet that Google released in 2015. It is still one of the best tablets available in the market and is currently on sale on the Google Store. According to PhoneArena, you can buy the 64GB Pixel C for only $499 and its optional keyboard for just $99.

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Originally, the tablet has a price of $599 and its keyboard for $149. So, all in all, consumers can save up to $150 for every purchase of Pixel C and its keyboard. For some, it is a great deal for Christmas. But others interpreted the sale differently.

According to speculations, the discount means Google is working on something new right now. It could probably be a new tablet-laptop hybrid similar to Pixel C. Through this sale, the company will be able to get rid of its remaining stocks. Also, it will serve as a preparation for the arrival of the new one, which is rumored to be the upcoming Pixel 7.

With regards to Pixel 7, it was first announced as Nexus 7. However, Google wants its products to be homogenous so it is rebranding it to Pixel 7. In terms of specs, the company has not announced it yet. But, rumor has it that it will boast a Snapdragon 820 chipset or higher.

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Also, it may come with a 4GB RAM alongside a 64GB flash storage. Lastly, a hybrid operating system will support the tablet. Reports stated that Nexus 7 will have the Andromeda OS. It is a mix of Android and Chrome operating systems. Through this, the tablet will be easily compatible with the Android OS.

As of now, it is not yet clear whether or not the Pixel 7 is the reason why Google is offering discounts for the Pixel C. But, a sale is a sale, so go visit Google Store and enjoy. Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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