Google Project Zero News: Company Offers As Much As $350,000 For Bug Hunters

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Google Project Zero

Google is upping the ante when it comes to bug hunting. The search giant just announced its newest rewards program called Project Zero. In this program, hackers or bug hunters can win as much as $350,000 of prize in total.

In the said program, hackers and programmers are welcome to hack or find bugs on Google?s Android operating system. The goal of the contest if to close down on possible high-risk bugs that are normally left unnoticed.

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The main requirement of the contest is for hackers to find a bug on various Android devices. The only link between hackers and the bugs will be the devices? phone number and email address. The bug must have present a high level of vulnerability to the device. For clarity, the bug must be able to achieve remote code execution on various Android platforms.

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The first winning entry for the contest gets $200,000. The second one takes home $100,000. Finally, the third entry wins $50,000. In addition to these, winning participants will also be invited to write a report about their entries. These short technical reports will then be featured on the Project Zero blog.

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This is not the first time that a big tech company seeks help from the public coders. Last month, Apple announced that it is willing to pay as much as $200,000 for bug hunters. Any one who can report major security flaws in its iOS will be awarded the prize.

Microsoft also jumped onto the bug hunting prize bandwagon last month. It offered as much as $15,000 for anyone who can discover a bug pertaining to Microsoft Edge remote code execution vulnerabilities.

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Google is hoping that this contest will fix high-risk bugs in its operating systems. At the same time, the company wants to ensure that its millions of users are not impacted by the said bugs. Google Project Zero is the best way for people to help the company and the rest of Android users in staying safe and secured.

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