Project Andromeda: Google’s Hybrid Operating System For Tablets And Convertible Laptops

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Google's Project Andromeda

Rumor has it that Google has been working on a type of hybrid operating system for tablets and convertible laptops. The Project Andromeda is meant to include features of Chrome OS and Android mobile operating system.

The new hybrid operating system will be solely applied to tablets or laptops similar to the Surface-line of devices. This hybrid OS will have powerful Chrome OS features along with Android-like mobile convenience.

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There has been news saying that Google is working on a new laptop nicknamed ?Bison?. According to some reports, the hardware aspect of this device will not be mediocre in the slightest. It is said that the device will be equipped with either an m3 or i5 Intel Core processor, 8GB or 16GB RAM and 32GB or 128GB storage. The said laptop will have a 12.3-inch screen and could survive 10 hours of continuous use.

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In addition to the impressive specifications, other accessories include not one, but two USB Type-C ports. It is also rumored to have a fingerprint scanner, stereo speakers, force-touch equipped touchpad, backlit keyboard and stylus support.

Project Andromeda

This new device, together with Project Andromeda, offers the best of both worlds. Having Chrome OS features a light Android operating system will be the pinnacle of mobile computing for Google.

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Another good thing about Project Andromeda is that it is not limited to Google or Chrome-based hardware. According to the design engineers, PC users will also be able to use the hybrid operating system on their computers. This will give PC users the ability to access Google?s Play Store as well as connectivity with other computers.

Project Andromeda is rumored to replace the current Chrome OS when released. Once fully released, Google will also retire the Chromebook brand although it will keep the browser name.

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