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Google Play Indie Games Festival: What To Expect When It Happens This September

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Google Indie Games Festival will be happening this September

The Google Play Indie Games Festival is happening this September, much to the excitement of aspiring game creators.

The gaming industry is currently at an all-time high with the popularity of both mainstream titles and the support that independent developers are getting. However, some have noted how the latter definitely needs to be promoted more.

This is where the Google?s Indie Games Festival comes in. According to CNET, the free event will happen in San Francisco on September 24. It is being organized by the tech giant in order to give unknown game makers a chance to share their games to the public.

Aspirants will also get a chance to win prizes such as Tango devices and tickets to Google I/O 2017. In support of whatever game they are creating, winners also get a shot at getting ad campaign support from Google.


Winners get a shot at getting ad campaign support from Google.

Game developers who are interested in showcasing their creations may submit them for the Google Indie Games Festival until August 14. Games that are selected for the event will be announced at the end of August. Only creations published or scheduled to be released within 2016 are eligible. If owners of a small-scale gaming company, the contestants must only have 15 or fewer full-time employees.

The Google Play Indie Games Festival hopes to address the need of many developers to get indie games out in public. While it is true that mainstream titles can deliver more in terms of features and gameplay, there?s no denying that there are a lot of innovative indie games with unique features. Most recently reviewed indie titles include Shovel Knight, Nova 11 and The Binding of Isaac.

Overall, the attention that the entire gaming industry is getting has certainly been overwhelming. One obvious example is the worldwide popularity and success of Pokemon GO, which has reportedly made Nintendo $7.5 billion dollars within just two days into its launch two weeks ago.


Its success has led developers to propose spin-offs related to hit HBO series Game of Thrones and hit movie franchise Harry Potter – showing how gaming has definitely gone mainstream.

Another proof that the industry is stable enough for more independent developers to join in is how old-school technologies are being revived. Hardcore gamers were surprised when Nintendo recently announced their upcoming release of NES Classic Edition, which is a revamped version of their classic 90s console. The product?s return somehow shows that the gaming industry is doing well even after all these years.

Will the Google Play Indie Games Festival produce the next big thing in the gaming world? We at TheBitBag will be on the lookout!

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