Google Planning To Bring Moto X’s ‘Always Listen On’ Capability to Android; Privacy Concerns Surface

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Depending on how you look at it, one of Moto X?s best/worst features has been the always on listening capability. The ability to simply say ?OK, Google?, and seeing your phone wake up from its slumber can be pretty amazing or downright freaky. It?s all a matter of perspective.

Rumor has it that the always on functionality of the Moto X could be coming to every single Android phone in the future. It claims that Google is building the always listening functionality into Android as a whole but it seems like the phone would need to be plugged in to be able to wake the device up from sleep using your voice, at least in the early stages of development.

Part of the rumor reads:? ?..the requirement may be a stop-gap while battery use is optimized overall. In other words capable hardware may suffer this limitation when the functionality is first released, but would likely gain always-on listening without the need for charging later, once battery usage is sorted.?

On the plus side, the possibilities for this functionality is very promising since it could be optimized for situations where hands are busy and can?t attend to a phone like when driving or biking. For example, if people wanted to do a quick search about a nearby restaurant, the phone would read out the locations or restaurant names rather than having you look at the phone.? The data would most likely be stored for you to look at, at a later time.

On the other hand, this functionality, may, more than likely, spark a plethora of privacy concerns. Some people don?t want to be anywhere near the idea of having a device listening in on ALL of their conversations. The off chance that a device somehow gets hacked will just increase the paranoia even further. If the functionality could be somehow turned off, that would be ideal, but there?s still the remote possibility that a hacker can turn it back on thus going back to the original problem of having the conversations ?accessed by others.

All these things are still rumors and speculations, so before we draw any conclusions, we?ll have to wait for something more solid from Google before we make a verdict.

Photo Source: Moto X website

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