Google Pixel/Nexus 2016 Price Will Be Expensive

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Google has found a lot of success when it comes to the Nexus smartphones it has launched for the past several years. Not only are the Nexus devices offering excellent specs and design, but it is also fairly cheaper as compared to the more expensive smartphones. Well, it appears that such a trend may no longer hold true with the upcoming Google Pixel smartphones as recent reports reveal that they will be more expensive than previous releases.

The Google Nexus smartphones have always been an appealing option for tech fans looking for a great device that won?t break their wallets. Compared to the iPhone and Samsung?s Galaxy S series and Note smartphones, the Nexus devices have always been a lot cheaper than the popular flagships. Fans planning to buy the upcoming Google Pixel smartphone though may be in for a surprise.

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According to Engadget, the Pixel smartphones from Google, which are set to be released this year, may be more expensive than what many Nexus fans have been used to. The report cites that the base model or the Google Pixel smartphone could start at $649. Certainly that is well above the entry level cost of the Nexus 6P, which was only $499 when it was released.

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If the Pixel will start at $649 as the rumor suggests, then the Google Pixel XL is surely going to be priced a lot higher. The Pixel XL is expected to be the high-end smartphone from Google. It may end up having a price closely similar to the recently released iPhone 7 Plus, which starts at $769.

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It still remains to be seen if Nexus fans will spend that amount of money on the Google Pixel and Pixel XL devices. The same report does mention that financing options will become available for interested buyers so that could be one solution.

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Still, the high price range of the new Google Nexus smartphones are surely going to make an impact in the market. With very little difference in price between the Pixel smartphones and Apple?s iPhone 7, smartphone fans will be facing a very tough decision very soon.

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