Google Pixel Leak Reveals Cool New Features for Upcoming Smartphone

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Google Pixel Leak

The Google Pixel is one smartphone that has been grabbing headlines recently. The new name of the Google Nexus smartphones, the Pixel is rumored to be launching in the first week of October. While the release date is still a few weeks away, many insiders have already been releasing Google Pixel leaks. The latest leak has revealed some cool features for the smartphone.

The Google Nexus smartphones of the past have always been excellent. Last year?s Nexus 5x and Nexus 6p were surely very appealing options for those looking to buy a solid, all-around smartphone. This year the Pixel and the Pixel XL is expected to continue the trend.

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According to BGR, the Google Pixel is set to introduce several exciting features based on a recent leak. Here are some of the latest features that tech enthusiasts are likely to find in the upcoming smartphone.

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  • Reset Button ? This is certainly something new that many smartphone users have been asking for. Google is expected to add a reset button to the Google Pixel, thus allowing users to reboot their phone at a press of one button. This can come in handy especially if you are in a rush to restart your phone or in the event that your phone hangs.

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  • Removal of Google Now ? Many Android users are annoyed when they accidentally press the home button for a long period because the Google Now search app pops up. Well, that is not going to be the case with the Pixel smartphones as Google has removed the search app. The same BGR report mentions that this could be due to the impending launch of the Google Assistant.

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  • More Circular Shaped Icons ? If you have grown tired of the square icons in previous Google Nexus smartphones, the Google Pixel is surely going to be a refreshing change. The Pixel is set to have round launcher icons which is surely going to be hard to miss.

These are just a few Google Pixel features that are rumored for the upcoming smartphone. Be sure to check back here soon to find out more about the Google Pixel as more details and leaks will surely surface in the days leading up to the launch date.

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