Google Pixel Battery Issue Reported by Users, Early Shutdown at 30%Battery Life

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The Google Pixel smartphones were considered by many as one of the best released phones this year. It offered some amazing hardware and features that had many tech fans buzzing. After some time though, some issues have popped up about Google?s flagship smartphone. The latest problem is about the Google Pixel battery issue, which affected many users.

There has been several consumer devices that have experienced problems with its battery. The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 recall due to its exploding battery captured headlines worldwide. Recently, Apple?s MacBook Air 2016 has disappointed its consumers with its less-than-advertised battery life.

Google Pixel Battery Issue

Now, the Google Pixel smartphones can be added to the list as well. According to 9to5Google, there have been several complaints of the Google Pixel?s battery life. Users have claimed that the phone has been shutting down early, even though the smartphone still has 30% of battery life left.

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This is certainly a very big problem as Pixel?s battery was one of its advantages over the other flagship smartphones. Having early shutdown issues is surely going to cause a huge problems to its users expecting reliable battery life.

The report mentions one user sharing his Google Pixel battery problem. The user said that his one month old Pixel smartphone has shut down on him twice in a span of five days. He said that it was surprising given that there was still between 25%-35% of battery left.

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The report mentions that the problem is not likely to be hardware related. A very realistic possibility to the Google Pixel battery issue could be the Android Nougat OS.

Similar to Nexus 6p Battery Issue

It is worth noting that the Nexus 6p is currently experiencing the very same battery issue. It came about because of a recent Android Nougat update on the smartphone, so the OS may be to blame.

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Currently, there is still no word from Google about a possible fix for the issue. Expect one to be released soon though as the tech giant is surely trying hard to find the root of this problem.


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