Google Pixel 2 Will be the First Android Phone with Snapdragon 836

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Not a lot has been said about the Google Pixel 2 phone. Google has surely made it possible to contain any possible rumors or leaks about the phone. However, a new one just surfaced and it seems like this one pertains to the possible Snapdragon chip that will go with the phone.

According to Fudzilla, Google’s upcoming Pixel 2 phone will come with Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 836; the first of its kind. Earlier, it was said that it will be the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 who will be the first phone to sport the said chip. However, it would seem that it may not be the case after all.

The report also said that the Snapdragon 836 on the Google Pixel 2 will be a bit smaller than the 835. Furthermore, the new chip will also a much faster clock and a far better power management features.

Google Pixel 2 coming with Snapdragon 836

Google Pixel 2 concept (via

It is still too soon to confirm whether this report has some truth on it or not. Maybe because Google has managed to keep a tight ship when it comes the the said phone. So far, there have been few reports of the Pixel 2 apart from the alleged Google-LG tie-up.

That said, the expected release of the phone is still unknown. Many experts believe that Google might unveil its net generation smartphone sometime in October, like it did for the first one. However, this too has been shrouded in mystery.

Like before, Google is planning on releasing two versions of the Pixel 2. Both models have been given codenames: Taimen and Walleye, with the former being the bigger of the two.

As mentioned, there are rumors that LG will be the one to manufacture this year’s Pixel 2 phones. For more updates on the Google Pixel 2, be sure to check us out at The Bitbag.

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