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Google Phone: Tech Giant to Release Its Own Smartphone Apart From Nexus 2016?

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Google Phone

Although Apple and Samsung previously dominated the field, companies such as LG, Microsoft, OnePlus and Huawei have become formidable players in making high quality smartphones. Now, recent reports that reveal Google is about to take a plunge in the smartphone market.

According to CNET, Google is planning on releasing its very own smartphone later this year. Google is not exactly a complete stranger to the smartphone arena as it has already released Google Nexus smartphones in the past. The company may be looking at releasing its own non-Nexus phone, according to the report.

A report from The Telegraph mentions that Google is already in discussions with mobile operators about releasing a ?Google-branded phone? that will cement the entry of the company into the smartphone market. At the moment, Google partners with smartphone manufacturers to create the Google Nexus gadgets, but it appears that the search engine giant plans on undertaking the smartphone production itself later this year.

The report also stated that Google?s Android OS is already dominating the mobile market, as it is found in four in five smartphones sold worldwide. Now, the move into hardware manufacturing may be the missing link that will lead to Google?s supremacy in the mobile market.

Whether the Google Phone will be any good though is one question that will be on everyone?s minds. Even a large tech company may still find difficulty in entering a new market. Just take a look at Microsoft and its Windows phones. Even if the tech giant is a dominant force already with the Windows operating system, it has still failed to grab a solid foothold in the smartphone arena.

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