Google Offers Free Music Streaming Ahead of Apple Launch

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News is still hot of Taylor Swift schooling Tech giant Apple for offering a three-month free trial of their latest product, Apple Music, without paying royalties to artists involved. Apple has since reversed their statement, saying that they will now be paying artists for the three-month trial ? much to the adulation of other artists

Amidst the controversy however, Google quietly steals Apple?s thunder and offers Free streaming music just a few days before the latter?s own launch! With Google Play Music?s free streaming, songs from various artists will be curated, and users customize playlists according to their preference or activity.

The Free service was announced only yesterday, and Google dubs it as a strategic move for people to decide and avail of their paid service. Currently, Google offers music streaming for $9.99 a month for two years. The offer is available online and will be ready for Android and iOS by the end of the week.

As this is a free service however, expect advertisements during streaming, and some of the songs also won?t be available for users.

Apple is slated to lord over other music streaming services like Spotify, Pandora and Beats by getting more artists to offer their music in exchange of significantly higher premium on their craft.

To get the free service, click here.

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