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Google Offers $100K to Hack a Chromebook

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If you think you got some hacking skills, then you might get a chance to bag a staggering $100,000 from Google that recently offered the amount if you could hack its Chromebook over the Internet. To prove that Google continues to make the Internet more secure, the cash prize was in fact doubled from $50,000 to its present amount, owing to the fact that not a single hacker from across the globe has been able to crack into a Chromebook remotely, resulting in the increase of incentives.

Since 2010, Google has been promoting its bounty program, encouraging hackers to test their security, in which errors rarely occur. Success in overcoming their security has been handsomely rewarded over the years.

?Last year we introduced a $50,000 reward for the persistent compromise of a Chromebook in guest mode. Since we introduced the $50,000 reward, we haven?t had a successful submission,? Google stated with regard to the bug bounty reward. ?That said, great research deserves great awards, so we?re putting up a standing six-figure sum, available all year round with no quotas and no maximum reward pool.”

Meanwhile, Google has set up three conditions to make sure that the hack is complete and for the reward to be given. First, the hack must be pulled off over the web, which means that the hacker should have no physical access to the device, since access to it makes the process easier.

Second, intrusion must be done while the device is in guest mode. The guest mode is a highly restrictive mode designed to allow shared access to the Chromebook while still protecting the user?s content. The primary owner?s sensitive information will remain completely barred from other users.

And last but not least, Google insists that the hack managed remotely over the web while in guest mode must be persistent. This means that the hack must be able to last through a reboot.

A Chromebook is a laptop that runs on Chrome OS and has been made extremely secure with several security features.

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