Google Now Serves Video Conferencing for Businesses

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Google has unveiled Thursday a video conferencing system for companies. It is the company?s latest effort in generating profit from the corporate arena. Google is doing this in partnership with Hewlett ? Packard Co, Asus and Dell to provide a special edition of the Chromebox PC. This specialized product is geared up with video conferencing paraphernalia, including speakers and a video camera.

Chromebox for Meetings

Google is a company that focuses on various areas of Information Technology such as in Internet searching, browsing, advertising, operating systems, computers and wearable computers. Today, the company has muscled its way into another business venture that involves a high ? end video conferencing service for businesses.

Google will sell companies a $999 package deal called the Chromebox for Meetings, which includes a 1080p high ? definition camera, a speaker, a combination microphone, a remote control that has a QWERTY keyboard, and the Chromebox (the Google – counterpart of Mac Mini).

The video conferencing package deal also includes a free one year premium quality, high ? definition videoconferencing service that costs $250 per year. The client will have to pay for the said fee for the succeeding years, which does not really cost a lot for the corporate jungle.

Ease of Use

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The biggest competitive advantage of Google on this new venture is its ease of use. Product management vice president in Chrome Ceasar Sengupta said that users will only have to walk inside the conference room, click the remote and the meeting instantly commences. No complexities such as pass codes, dial ? in codes or even leader PINs.

The timing of the product launch confuses a lot of people since Vidyo, the company behind the power of Hangouts, also released its own videoconferencing service. The VidyoH2O costs between $99 and $149 monthly, but requires you to have your own computer, camera and microphone. It also allows you to dial using Hangout from your mobile device.

In an industry dominated by companies such as Polycom and Cisco, Google obviously has an edge. Google uses Hangouts and allows up to 15 participants coming from different places around the world, whether on their laptops, tablets or phones. They only need to download the Hangouts app and have a Gmail account. Since most smartphone users have these two, using Google?s video conferencing unit will be easy.

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