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Google Now: Quick And Easy Tips To Get More From Your Assistant

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You have a meeting! It?s gonna rain, bring your umbrella! Walk the dog! Like we need to be reminded to walk the dog? Handy? Maybe.
However, Google Now is not just an annoying tiresome reminder. With these quick and simple tips, you will be able to make Google?s smart cards do more.

Too many Johns in your phonebook? Your assistant is now able to handle texts and calls placed using relation designations, like ?brother?, rather than a name of an individual.

How To: Say the command ?Send a text to my brother.? Then a reminder to label an existing contact as your brother will appear. Future ?Send a text to my brother? commands will select the registered contact and will automatically open a text dialog.

Tip: Google Now doesn?t restrict the relationship?s syntax. Meaning, you will be able to command that the text message to be sent to your swear-enhanced relatives too. ?Text my F&@*$# sister? will be a totally valid command. Amusing isn?t it? (lol)


You can train Google Now?s recognition engine in some Motorola-built phones. But instead of training your assistant to respond to the default ?OK Google Now,? replace it with something more interesting, like ?OK Giggle Now? or ?Yo Google Now?.

How To: In Settings, look for the Touchless Control menu. Select Train Launch Phrase, then just follow the prompts. However, if you don?t have a Motorola phone, you can use Open Mic+ for Google Now. This third-party app replicates this neat trick on non-Motoral phones.


?Make me a sandwich? EASTER EGG
Google Now has tons of Easter Eggs, and the best one is the ?Make me a sandwich? sexist figure of speech.

How To: Open Google Now and speak ?Make me a sandwich.?
It will respond appropriately and will say ?Make it yourself!?


It is available on Android 4.1 Jellybean or above devices. If by chance, your phone does not have a basic Google Now installed, go to Play Store and install the Google Search app. Launch the app, then just follow the prompts to get ?Google Now?.


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