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Google Nexus Devices to be Scraped and Replaced by Android Silver Gadgets in 2015

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Google Nexus device series are retiring next year and will be replaced by the new buzz in the tech world, Android Silver. This means that Nexus 6, Nexus 8 and Nexus 10 2014, ?are going to be the last set of Nexus devices coming out.

Android Silver Taking Nexus Line

Google will begin implementing Android Silver in 2015, and it is to replace the Nexus device series to fix several issues known in Android OS. Nexus line was subjected to replacement earlier with Google Play Experience program and one of its primary teasers is the user interface found in Nexus 5.

However, Android Silver offers something different when compared with Nexus devices, and Google Play Experience. It features the combination of both worlds and solves the defragmentation caused by the two programs implemented by Google.

The Android Operating System has one major problem ? Fragmentation ? which is something not common among iOS or Windows Phone OS running devices. Fragmentation of Android is caused by different factors such as multiple display resolution, hardware compatibility issues and different version releases.

  1. Multiple Display Resolution: You can find several Android devices with lots of display sizes from three to ten inches with different resolutions.
  2. Hardware Compatibility Issue: Not all Android devices are upgradable to the recent version.
  3. Different Version Releases: Some Android devices are locked permanently to their current OS and usually affecting models running Android 2.3 or earlier and Android 3.0 Honeycomb.

Effects of Android Silver

Android Silver will deliver the best programs and user experience found on Nexus devices and Google Play Experience. Moreover, it will also allow Google to further expand consumer reach by offering these device series among network carriers worldwide.

  1. More than one device may be released under Android Silver.
  2. Android Silver won?t be 100 per cent stock software and requires minimal customisation.
  3. Custom software and features will need to be useruninstallable but no root access required.
  4. Android Silver devices are offered directly through network carriers.
  5. Unification of Android experience to further reduce fragmentation.
  6. Help network carriers increase marketing and selling prowess with ability to subsidize costs.
  7. Dedicated customer care service for Google accounts and Google Play Store purchases.

Android Silver program is something LG, Motorola and Sony might be interested in as the new set of devices from Google features near-vanilla interface having minimal customisation. This approach may contrast HTC and Samsung principles due to their design with heavy-packed user interfaces.

Once established, Google will end the Nexus device series with Nexus 6, Nexus 8 and Nexus 10 2014 this year, and soon to be replaced by a less fragmented set of gadgets.

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