Google Nexus 7 2017 Rumors, News & Updates: Tablet Made By HTC After Huawei Drops Out

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Google should have released Nexus 7 already by now. But, because the company has experienced problems with its manufacturers, it seems like the tablet will not be arriving anytime soon. Also, there are reports that Huawei has already backed out of the project so Google is now looking for a new manufacturer.

Previous sites have reported that Google contracted Huawei to manufacture its upcoming tablet. It was further mentioned that the company scheduled its release this month. But, there is some kind of a problem that caused Google to move the device?s launch.

Rumor has it that for Huawei to do the job, it wanted its brand logo placed on the tablet as well as on the upcoming devices it would manufacture with the company. Google, on the other hand, did not agree to this condition which resulted to a disagreement between the two tech giants.
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As a result, there are speculations that Google is now contacting another manufacturer to finish Nexus 7. This manufacturer is said to be HTC, which just manufactured the latest Pixel and Pixel XL for Google. It is somehow logical for the company especially with the current success of its latest flagship phones.

Should that be the case, then consumers should expect the release of the tablet some time in 2017. Also, it might be rebranded from Nexus 7 to Pixel 7 for it to be a part of the Pixel line. Whether or not HTC would manufacture the tablet, consumers should still expect a 2017 release of the device.

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Meanwhile, Google?s upcoming tablet is said to boast a 7-inch Quad-HD display with pressure sensitivity. A 4GB of RAM and 64GB of internal storage should also be expected alongside a MicroSD-XC that supports storage up to 2TB.

Moreover, rumor has it that Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 is going to power the device. It might also come along with Adreno 530 chips with a Quick Charge 4.0. The latter will allow the tablet to charge to 50% in just 15 minutes after being fully-drained.

As of this writing, these information remain as speculations circulating the internet. Google has not announced anything yet about Nexus 7 and its release date. Let us all wait for an official statement from the company which may arrive soon. Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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