Google Nexus 2016 Release Update: Leaked Live Photos of HTC Sailfish Show Radical Design Change

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Google Nexus 2016 Release

The?Google Nexus 2016 release could be anytime soon, as a new photo leak shows the upcoming handset in action. Codenamed Sailfish and Marlin, the?Nexus devices for this year are being built by HTC. Although Huawei was also rumored to be building a device for the search giant, the guess is that it could be a tablet rather than a smartphone.

Going by the freshly leaked photo shared by the Twitter handle @usbfl, the HTC Nexus Sailfish, which is smaller than the HTC Nexus Marlin, doesn?t follow the traditional design philosophy of older Nexus devices. Google has apparently opted to give a complete makeover to its Nexus 2016 smartphones.

It is easy to observe from the photo that the Sailfish comes with a two-tone design with black and grey hues in tow. It has a fingerprint scanner located at the back of the device below the main camera.

Based solely on the leaked photo, it looks like the device is made from a concoction of metal, plastic and glass. This is in-line with the past rumors as they pointed to a metallic design for the Nexus 2016 handsets as well.

However, we have to admit that the metal usage doesn?t look like the unibody design made famous by HTC via its flagships like the HTC 10. Instead, the metal is sparingly used. In any case, the glass back is crystal clear from the photo.

Speaking of specifications, rumor has it that the HTC Nexus Sailfish will feature a 5-inch display, complemented by 1080p screen resolution. Without any surprise, it will run Android 7.0 Nougat out of the box.

Under the hood, Qualcomm?s Snapdragon 820 chipset will apparently power the device with 4GB of RAM backing it. This phone will come equipped with 32GB of native storage space.

The Nexus Marlin, on the other hand, will reportedly sport a 5.5-inch display, aided by a Quad HD screen resolution of 1,440 x 2,560 pixels. This particular version will flaunt a much bigger battery than the Sailfish.

Meanwhile, another leaked Google Nexus 2016 photo, courtesy of?Android Police, also shares the same design of the leaked live photo.

Nexus 2016 (Photo Credit: Android Police)

Nexus 2016 (Photo Credit: Android Police)

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