Google Nexus 2016 Release Soon As Company Releases Final Developer Preview of Android Nougat

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Google has released the fifth and the final preview of its latest operating system Android Nougat. This could be an indication towards the release of the Google Nexus 2016.

Google releases a new device every year to showcase the latest version of its operating system. Although the company has not released any word regarding this year?s Nexus device, there are rumors that HTC is working on new Nexus devices. Several reports claim that HTC is manufacturing two devices for Google, codenamed M1 or Marlin and S1 or Sailfish. Google could roll out these devices towards the end of August along with its new operating system.

Famous tipster and Twitter user Evan Blass was the first person to claim that Google’s next Nexus devices will be made by HTC. Back in April, Blass reported the involvement of HTC in the production of Google Nexus 2016 devices. Since then, regular leaks and rumors are surfacing on the internet. It is believed that Google is waiting for the release of Android Nougat before the launch of Nexus device. Now, the as the the final developer version of the operating system is rolled out. Its public release can be expected soon.

Android 7.0 Nougat

Android Nougat


Recently, the specs of so-called Marlin and Sailfish devices have surfaced on the benchmarking site Geekbench. According to the site, Marlin would be a high-end device with top most hardware configurations. The device would be powered by Qualcomm?s ARMv8 processor, a quad-core CPU and the Adreno 530 GPU. The processor would be accompanied by 4GB RAM. Marlin is supposed to feature 128GB onboard storage and 5.5-inch AMOLED display with a 1440×2560 resolution. The device will be fitted with 12 megapixel primary and 8 megapixel secondary camera.

Google Nexus 2016

Google Nexus 2016

Moreover, there are also rumors that Huawei could also manufacture the Nexus device for Google. If it happens the Nexus device by Huawei is supposed to be an upgraded version of current Nexus 7 tablet. It is reported that the General Manager of Huawei, Charlene Munilall has already confirmed that Huawei will make new Nexus device for Google.

Although the company has not confirmed the reports, the release of final developer preview is an indication towards the launch of Android Nougat and Google Nexus 2016.

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