Google Nexus 2016 Release, Leaks: Redesigned Nexus App Launcher For HTC Marlin & Sailfish, Plus Stunning Wallpapers Revealed

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Google Nexus 2016
Google Nexus 2016

Upcoming Google Nexus 2016 smartphones, codenamed ?HTC Marlin? and ?HTC Sailfish,? will reportedly come with a redesigned app launcher.

Android Police ferreted out some of the screenshots showing the new Nexus app launcher. The screenshots are believed to be made based on the final prototype. As we are nearing close to the Android 7.0 Nougat and Nexus 2016 launch, the launcher might go through some changes when it gets released finally.

Going by the leaked screenshots, there is no Google Search bar in the new Nexus app launcher. Instead, there is a tab that can be pulled out by swiping. The other way to get the Google search bar is by hitting the colorful ?G? icon on the top left corner.

So as to access ?Google Now,? users may have to slide the screen from the left, which is the standard practice in any Nexus handset. Other than these, many new Google Assistant functions are expected to be added in the final release.

Nexus 2016 App Launcher (Photo Credit: Android Police)

Nexus 2016 App Launcher (Photo Credit: Android Police)

The launcher doesn?t have an app drawer icon. No, Google has not removed the drawer altogether, but the location has been changed. In order to access the apps, the Nexus 2016 users may have to slide up from the bottom of the launcher. This action displays the entire app drawer. The other way is to hit the arrow mark to pull out the drawer.

While the Settings menu is identical to the current Google Now Launcher, the folder icons have been updated. In fact, they are very colorful now. This launcher is believed to be a Nexus exclusive one at least at the time of launch.

Apart from the new app launcher screenshots, alleged wallpapers pertaining to the Nexus 2016 smartphones have also been leaked. The wallpapers are filled with modern art, ocean, beach, and skyline, along with wildlife.

Fans of Nexus 2016 and Android 7.0 Nougat can?download the beautiful wallpapers from Post Image.


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