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Google Nexus 2016 Leak: Sailfish, Marlin Images Show Both Metallic & Plastic Properties, Release Near?

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Leaked images of Google?s upcoming Nexus phones believed to be the rumored ?Sailfish? & ?Marlin? have been shared by Android Police.


The phone pictured is the ?Sailfish? and is reported by Android Police to be the smaller of the two models designed with a 5-inch screen. It closely resembles the current Nexus 5X that includes a similar camera and front plate design while boasting a fingerprint scanner on the back. Android Police also believes that the larger 5.5 inch ?Marlin? will be closely similar to the ?Sailfish? with both sharing ?the same basic industrial design and materials? and that both phones will also sport the same specification with only a difference in screen resolution, battery life, and screen size. The report also affirms that there are no plastic versions of the two phones and that Google?s iconic ?G? logo is absent in the leaked phone photos but is expected to be added onto the device once the phones enters into full production, which will in turn replace the Nexus logo.



An anonymous twitter user is also claiming to have a hold of the two Nexus phones and claims that the lower end version of the two will have a plastic finish. In the user?s latest tweet, he says that: ?AndroidPolice’s [metallic] Nexus isn’t of the final design. The Nexus in my picture had a full glass back.? With two different leaked photos circulating on the net, it leaves people wondering which one to believe in. It is only a matter of time before we see more news and photos on the two much anticipated phones to be revealed. However, it is known that the two smartphones are already expected for imminent launch. It is believed to be dubbed as the ?Sailfish? and ?Marlin?. The FCC has already approved the two phones and has listed them online. Although the two phones are not named ?Sailfish or Marlin? in the FCC filing, it is important to take note that their manuals are listed to causing many to believe that these are indeed the much anticipated ?Sailfish? and ?Marlin? Nexus phones.

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