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Google Nexus 2016 Release in August Alongside Smartwatch?

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Google is supposedly releasing a new smartwatch alongside its intended Google Nexus 2016 unveiling. Both smartwatch and smartphone is reported to release this August which will be under the Nexus brand.

The upcoming smartwatch will supposedly come in two models similar to what Google made with its Nexus 5X and 6P. The first smartwatch is expected to come out as a premium model that will have all the reported features while the other model will be a low-budget smartwatch catering to the general market.

Features of the premium smartwatch includes 4G LTE, a heart monitor and a GPS feature that is reported to resemble the Moto 360 watch, according to Android Police. The low-budget model on the other hand could have none of the features of the premium smartwatch and could resemble the Pebble Time Round.

On the other hand, HTC may be building two devices for Google supposedly labelled as the new Google Nexus 2016 models. Venture Beat reporter Evan Blass previously tweeted that the tech company will be making ?a pair of Android N devices for Google internally dubbed M1 and S1.?

The two handsets, also codenamed ?Marlin? and ?Sailfish? will come in different sizes. The Nexus Marlin will supposedly be categorized as a high-end device opposite of the Sailfish. The device is reported to be powered by a Qualcomm ARMv8 processor, a quead-core CPI and an Adreno 530 GPU. Other rumors have also indicated that it will be powered by a Snapdragon 820 chipset and will also feature the Adreno 530 GPU.

Same as the HTC codename ?Marlin? and ?Sailfish,? the two smartwatches will be codenamed ?Angelfish? and ?Swordfish.?

Earlier reports have also indicated that top Chinese mobile developer Huawei is also expected to take charge and develop the anticipated Google Nexus 2016. It was also mentioned that Huawei could be making two new Nexus smartphones codenamed H1621 and H1622 which was similar to the prior Nexus 5X and 6P that had model numbers H1511 and H1512. These similarities are expected to be a sign that the current codes will supposedly be the new Nexus phones.

Google has yet to release any official details concerning the Nexus devices of Huawei and HTC. Be sure to visit TheBitbag to get daily updates on tech news.

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