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Google Logo History: New Design Kills ?Sans Serif? Looks Ugly And Childish, But More Modern?

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We are used to the old, thinner version of the Google logo, so are we ready for the logo evolution?

Google has revealed on their official for the announcement of the newest logo, which was just in after a major restructuring on the company last month. Looking at the new logo, it has minimalistic feel and seems to be using a sans-serif-like font style to show its more modern vibe to the brand.

However, some are saying that the new logo is ?ugly, and childish? with the simple font, a new one called product sans, looking too simple for such a big company like Google. It?s not the first that Google got flack for changing its logo. A few years back, Google designer Jeff Veen also shared his disappoint to the branding. “I think the Google logo is childish and ugly,” he said.

The new logo is undoubtedly more dynamic, with the logo?s ?throbbing dots? pertaining to more active commands and technological advances of the company.


The logo also retained its original colors, but much softer compared to the previous ones, as it has the resemblance to Google?s new parent company Alphabet, making the logo design of both companies inline with each other. It has come a long way as shown from the video, from its creation in 1998 and making a change in the World Wide Web in 1999. It made some revisions on its logo, deciding to stick with four colors and cleaning up its text. Through the years the letters begin to flatten out after each refining to keep up with the current trend, and the changes on the letter G on the browser tabs.

The new logo has been rolling out on the search engine site and the rest of the other Google platforms will be following soon. So what made Google decided to change their logo? According to their blog post, Google explained that technology has changed how we interact with products especially with the internet. The new logo meant to reflect on how the people interact to Google in many new ways, Google is not just a search engine site anymore, it is now more of a huge collection of services and apps that are available on your PC, smartphones, tablets and anywhere that you can access a web browser. As Google quoted; ?this reality shows you when the Google magic is working for you, even on the tiniest screens.”

But of course the logo will still change in the future, adapting to the current technology and trends and keeping up with the demands of consumers, but we can all agree that Google has indeed evolved from its humble beginnings as a search engine, to a much reliable service for our daily lives.

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