Google Keep: Your Virtual Notebook

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Note-taking is something we all do but tend to forget later in the day.

When we need to remember something, we usually get a piece of paper and jot down whatever we need to take note of.


That?s what Google Keep is for. It is a syncing notepad that connects to Google Drive. It allows you to quickly take and save those notes, photos, voice memos, and checklists to Google Drive. Later on when you need them, you can access them again on any other web-connected device.

It is perfect for note-taking on the go. It is, simply put, your virtual notebook. No more separate apps for to-do lists, memos and reminders; you can have them all saved in Google Keep.

The interface of Keep is colorful and easy to use. Different colors are available to serve as organizational tools; each color serves as divisions. This makes it easier to tell your personal notes apart from your work-related ones.

Here are some of Keep?s best features:

  • Google Keep is?fast. Adding notes is as simple as tapping the text box at the top of the Keep window and typing. You will appreciate the simplicity of this during those times when someone’s giving you a phone number or address that you want to remember. There are individual buttons below the quick note field for text notes, checklists, voice notes, and images. You don’t have to tap around or switch views to add these elements.
  • You can create voice notes. This is pretty easy: tap the microphone and speak. Once you’re finished speaking, the app will convert your speech into text. It will also attach the original voice recording to the note so you can play it back later. This is much more convenient than note-taking itself so this is really a great feature not all apps have. Sometimes, it?s much easier to talk than type.


  • Your data is portable. Everything you store in Keep will be available in Drive within seconds. It doesn’t matter whether you’re making your notes on the web or on your Android phone? it will be synced.
  • You can store your files for later use. Instead of deleting your checklists and notes when you’re finished with them, archive them instead. If ever you want to use them again in the future, they will be easily searchable. Google Keep have universal search, not just for titles, but for note contents as well. Isn?t that convenient?


  • It has a convenient and attractive home screen widget. Its widget allows you to combine your notes and quickly add new notes without opening the app first. It looks good, too, so you might want to make space for it on your home screen.


Given all these useful features, Google Keep is a strong alternative to the?simple?syncing note-taking apps available in the market, even to your notebook and pen.


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