Google is Planning Low Cost, High Speed Internet for Small Business Owners

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Google seems to have plans for offering subsidized, commercial grade Wi-Fi hardware for small and medium sized businesses. According to reports, aside from just the hardware, there are also plans to provide software to help improve the quality of the Wi-Fi experience for various places like restaurants, gyms, offices, and many more. In terms of costs, the only expense would be for the hardware as the Internet connection that will be used will be the businesses? existing ones. It?s a different setup compared to the Google-provided Wi-Fi networks that are currently running at Starbucks businesses across the US.

The main idea of it all is to provide better Wi-Fi services in the hands of these businesses so that there will be more users who will be working on different Google apps and services. This will lead to more customers spending more time engaging with Google?s various money-making products even if they are away from the comfort of their own homes or work Wi-Fi networks.

A great feature of the network setup would be that it can remember a user based on their Google account log in details. This will then set the user up on any Google-controlled Wi-Fi network anywhere in the world automatically. It?s being dubbed Hotspot 2.0 and the feature would help in terms of clearing up the hassle of having to log in to a new network every single time. From Google?s standpoint, it helps users ease into using their Google accounts and services without any friction or hassle. This move is a win for both parties especially for Google as they can benefit further in terms of ad recommendations.

This looks to be one of many steps that Google is looking to do. Google has big plans like the plan to blanket the whole world in connectivity as it gives everyone access to their products around the world. There are a lot of ambitious projects in the works just like their acquisition of a drone company last month.

Google seems to be quiet about all of this and won?t comment. Maybe they are still working out a few kinks or changing the whole plan.

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