Google I/O 2014: Google Partners With LG To Bring Project Tango Tablet To Consumers In 2015

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Google partners with LG to bring a consumer version Project Tango tablet in 2015

Google announced during a session at their Google I/O developer conference that they are partnering with LG to come up with a tablet, powered by the Project Tango program. In early June, Google has also said that they will release a prototype Tango device to developers. Presumably, this partnership with the South Korean company aims to introduce Tango devices to the mainstream consumer market at a cheaper price.

Before this announcement, Google has never talked about a potential, large-scale consumer launch of a Tango device publicly. But the company has already shipped a number of Project Tango prototype phones to developers earlier this year and as mentioned, they?ve also launched a Tango-powered 7-inch tablet furnished with a Tegra K1 processor by Nvidia. The tablet is available to interested developers willing to shell out $ 1,024.

The people from Google?s Advanced Technology and Projects Lab (ATAP) are behind this innovative Project Tango. The program is focused on developing devices that will have 3D sensing capabilities. These devices will use cameras, motion and depth sensors that will be able to see empty spaces and structures the way the human eye does it. The devices are also intended to track a user?s path and elevation ? all these with just the device?s hardware and without the help of GPS, Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.

a Project Tango prototype tablet

a Project Tango prototype tablet

At the second day of the Google I/0 2014 event, ATAP cited that they will work hand in hand with LG to release a consumer version of a tablet hopefully next year. Apparently, Google has a tight relationship with the South Korean device maker given their previous history of jointly launching two Nexus devices and one Google Play edition handset.

It seems that a device made from the Project Tango program is something that Google would be determined to manufacture. But by partnering with LG, perhaps they are planning to improve its availability aside from keeping the prices low. Along with LG, the company also said that they have started working with game engines like Unreal and Unity.

Google has made an in-depth discussion about the potential real world applications of Project Tango, but they also remarked that what?s only missing are relevant software and hardware. They expressed that the actual technology and principles are there; the challenge is to efficiently implement them. Some of the possible applications of Project Tango technology is the ability to virtually map your surroundings, play games that involves physical movement from the user, help the visually impaired to move around, allow unmanned ships to navigate space, and much more.

If you want to know more about Project Tango, here is avideo released by Google ATAP.


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