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Google Home Update Can Now Keep Track of Your Groceries and Clean Your Home

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Google Home update

Last year, Google surprised the world by introducing its very own Alexa-like digital assistant, the Google Home. The device is based heavily on the Google Assistant found on Android devices such as the Google Pixel. Since its introduction, a number of third-party developers have managed to make applications or actions for the device. Now, around 15 new ones have been added to the list and might include some nifty actions to help one with everyday housekeeping.

According to Venture Beat, there are now 15 more new actions for the Google Home. This is in addition to the existing 140 that have been made so far. Out of this 15, a number of notable actions can help a certain household in keeping track of almost everything, including the grocery.

One of the newest actions for Google Home includes keeping the grocery list. While this is already pretty useful on its own, it was then made even better. The action can now be linked to a mobile app called Chefling. This app, together with the digital assistant will let anyone know when a certain item in the fridge is about to expire. Quite handy especially for today’s busy professionals.

New Google Home update brings automation in homes

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In addition to keeping track of one’s food, the Google Home also has actions for cleaning the house. Neato has introduced actions for the digital assistant that lets users control its range of robotic vacuum cleaners. Owners will be able to start, stop, and pause cleaning cycles with the new Google Home action.

Other notable actions include the Red Pebble, which tells users the weather in Mars. There is also the Movie Maestro that gives IMDB ratings for movies. And the somewhat weird Jaden Smith quotes action that gives random quotes from the star himself.

As mentioned, since its release, more than 140 third-party actions have been made for the Google Home. Google has been very open with developers and have been encouraging the latter to make new apps for the device. Surely, more will be released in the days to come. For more updates on the Google Home actions, be sure to check us out at TheBitbag.

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