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Google To Roll Out Multiple User Support On Google Home Soon

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Google Home will soon support multiple users

The Google Home is perhaps one of the most promising product from Google right now. Not only can it help users in simple web searches and music playback, the digital assistant can also control Home-connected devices like lights, radio, and other devices. Unfortunately, at the moment, it is still limited to a single user. This is well and good for anyone living alone. However, for family users, this may bring up all sorts of issues.

Fortunately, it looks like Google is finally adding multi-user support to the Google Home like it advertised months ago. According to The Verge, Google somehow added a placeholder for multi-user support on the Android Home app. In the app’s Discover tab, one can see the message that multiple users are now supported. Unfortunately, as mentioned, this is only a placeholder. Google is yet to announce the release of the said feature.

By the way it looks, it seems that the Google Home will be able to identify each user in the system. Google is yet to officially announce how the device will be able to do this but one can guess a few ways on how it can be done.

Google Home will soon support multiple users

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The first possibility is by having different catchphrases. A user will have a catchphrase to activate the digital assistant that is different from another user. This will make it easier for the Home device to identify the user of the system.

Another way is by voice pattern recognition. Although a bit too advanced, this offers a slightly less annoying way of interacting with the Home device. Users can just issue commands to the digital assistant without the use of any catchphrases.

Google Home is slowly becoming one of the best home gadgets in the market. It offers far more than web searches and music playback to users. Some third-party apps even let users track their fridges and all its contents. The Google Home can even tell a user if the food inside the fridge is about to expire. For more updates on Google Home, be sure to check us out at TheBitbag.

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