Google Glass XE19.1 Update Brings New Voice Action Interface!

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Google Glass eyewear receives XE19.1 update which brings with it a number of new features, tweaks and enhancements.

XE19.1 carries with it a new revamped interface for voice actions in order to provide users of a cleaner looking navigation menu.

In the official announcement of Google posted at its support page, Google explained, ?XE19.1 provides even more reliable connectivity. We now do a better job of handling occasional network issues when you ask Glass to do something like, ?ok glass, send a message to…??.


Updating Your Glass

Glass updates by itself over the air. It periodically checks in for updates on the servers of Google and when an update is available, it will download it to your device. The Glass will install the update all by itself provided you are connected with the internet (Wifi).

Optimizing for an update

To speed along the update process, here?s what you can do:

? Power Glass on.
? Ensure Glass is connected to Wifi.
? Plug Glass in to its charger.
? Wait until Glass is charged to 50%.


If you got all these requirements, then your Glass will automatically update itself. If it doesn’t, go over to the Device Info card in Settings. The Device info settings card will let you know when Glass is due for update, your available storage space, and which version of the software it is running. The Glass? 12 GB storage is available for pictures, video, and other timeline attachments. Photos and video are automatically synced with your Google+ Auto Backup folder.

Now, look if an update has been downloaded and available to be installed, you’ll be notified with update available. Tap on the card and select Update.

So if you got your Glass, update it now!

For more information about Google Glass, stay tuned with us, we?ll keep you posted!

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