Google Glass Spyware: Even ‘Glassholes’ Don’t Deserve This

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Google Glass

Google Glass


Google Glass is an amazing little piece of innovation. It can do dozens of feats that can help people get along with their busy lives and as the days pass by, more and more applications are being developed for it. It is the one part of the future of computing. The good news is it is nearing the end of its development phase and will be made available soon for consumers. The bad news is, there some people who aren?t all about good stuff when it comes to developing applications for the glass. For example, acting as a spy on users.

It happened that two bored people developed an application that can ?spy? on almost everything the wearer is seeing through the glass. Of course, without the wearer?s knowledge.

In a Forbes report, Mike Lady and Kim Paterson, both being a graduate researcher in California Polytechnic San Luis Obispo crafted a privacy-peeking software that takes photo silently when the display is off. The software uploads to a server and in this process, the wearer of the glass will still have no idea that what they are seeing is being streamed for a stranger to view.

In order for the software to actually take control of the user?s glass, it disguises itself as note taking app named ?Malnotes?

According to Forbes reporter, Andy Greenberg, these researchers unveiled a security hole in Google?s evaluation process.

?Though Google?s developer terms of service for Glass specifically ban apps that take photos while the device?s display is off, Paterson and Lady discovered that there were no real security prohibitions against that trick. Over the course of my short video interview with the pair, Lady?s Glass headset running Malnotes uploaded more than 150 snapshots of his vision with no signal for either him or me.


?The scary thing for us is that while it?s a policy that you can?t turn off the display when you use the camera, there?s nothing that actually prevents you from doing it,? says Paterson. ?As someone who owns Glass and wants to install more apps, I?d feel a lot better if it were simply impossible to do that. Policies don?t really protect us.?

Most likely, some people think that the anti-social people who uses Google Glass, called ?Glassholes? deserve this. They clearly don?t and nobody does. Nobody deserves to have their privacy busted.

As a general rule, always be mindful of what apps you install and use passcodes for your device as much as possible to prevent possible security breaches.

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