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Google Glass social media pages scrapped including Twitter, Instagram and Facebook

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The search giant Google has scrapped the Google Glass social accounts including Twitter and Facebook. The company has also rolled up and packed away the Glass consumer program.

9to5Google was the first to spot it, and we later checked the accounts only to find that they were dead links. We found out that Google had cleaned them out.

A Google Glass app allows the user to tweet text directly from the headset, and almost three years ago Twitter first built the app Twitter for Glass. Google also scrapped its Google Glass accounts on Google+ and Instagram.

It is understandable that Google is planning to move on from the failed Google Glass consumer launch. It is unfortunate that the company had deleted so much old material, particularly the history of the first Google Glass.

Everyone believed that Google may be working hard on Google Glass 2.0 though the consumer model may be dead. However, last year, the Federal Communication Commission website saw a post that showed a series of images of Google Glass. The images depicted a slight re-design in the Glass body though no details are available on how it will attach to the wearer?s head. Most believed that Google aimed at business and enterprise market where it gained most success with the original Google Glass.

“Hi Explorers, we’ve had a blast hanging out with you on G+ throughout the Explorer Program,” their Google Plus page said. It also instructed the users to get in touch with their questions on the Glass?s support page, notes CNBC.

Google Glass for consumers? sales was stopped last year citing that the company is changing the strategy. The Google X research lab head implied that the device is merely a prototype and not a finished product so the hype regarding the price of $1,500 for the device is untrue.

Google Glass was first unveiled in 2012 and was greeted with enthusiasm among tech aficionados.

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