Google Glass Now Made Compatible with Prescription Glasses

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Google has created a more accessible version of the Google Glass to accommodate consumers who are wearing prescription glasses or those preferring to wear shades. The company?s Titanium frame collection can now be used with prescription lenses.

There are four new frame styles to watch out: Bold, Thin, Split and Curve. Google studied the eye wear industry before selecting the best frame models that would best cater the widest range of consumers, the company said.

Detachable Shades

Google Glass also comes in two detachable shades, Edge and Classic. These two shades will be offered along with the Active shade. It was the Glass design team who created the new designs of shades and frames. With five Glass colors to offer, consumers can now enjoy 40 different style options to match their preferences.

The Same Process

Google practices the same procedure in offering Glass to consumers with the frames and shades. Users will still have to go through a selection process where they must register or get a program invitation from an Explorer, an existing user. For the additional frames and shades, a slightly complex process will be applied to users who wish to avail of the prescription lenses.

Once the user has received the Glass and frame, he or she may visit an eye care professional to fit the lenses to the frame.

Final Fitting Only with Preferred Eye Care Professionals

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Explorers can visit their trusted eye care professional for a final fitting of the lense to the frame. However, they still need to bring the Google Glass during this process.

Google noted that the company only allows a list of preferred eye care professionals to do the fitting of the Glass and lenses. This list can be found on the Glass website. The company did not tell the number of preferred eye care professionals. Its tie up eyewear company has already trained people in San Francisco, Los Angeles and New York City. Google is still on the process of expanding the training in the coming months.

Boosting Market Appeal

Google?s move to create a more compatible Glass with a prescription eyewear is one of its efforts to boost market appeal. This will invite more consumers to purchase the product. However, at $1,500, this technology remains a luxury for many people.

“Till now, Glass has largely been limited to users with decent vision or who could wear contact lenses,” he noted.

“By enabling Glass to accommodate prescription-lensed eyewear, the company should broaden the pool of potential users” King added. “That said, this won’t make Google Glass a mainstream product by any stretch; until Google Glass prices fall substantially lower than the current $1,500, the technology is likely to remain ensconced in its luxury niche.”

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