Google Glass News: ?Project Aura? Already In the Works, Three New Prototypes To Be Produced?

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Google plans to release its latest Google Glass next year reveals the patent filed by the company with US Patent and Trademark Office.

The new Google Glass rebranded as Project Aura will be a sort of monocle with a flexible band unlike its predecessor that resembled a pair of glasses without lenses. The patent titled ?wearable device with input and output structures? reveals the new device to be adjustable which will only sit on one side of the eye according to DigitalTrends.The patent describes a device that could adjust to each user?s head and recall the configuration for later use. The new Google Glass will cover single side of the face with display mounted above single eye to allow users to view images and videos. Cnet also talks about the possibility to view videos in the other eye through a prism.

The Google Glass Explorer was discontinued by the company earlier this year in January after high priced device failed to impress users who complained about its ridiculous design and potential privacy invasion. Google announced Project Aura soon thereafter which was to be headed by Tony Fadell, the man behind Apple?s iPod. With Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality gaining traction, Google plans to take on Microsoft?s HoloLens which made headlines after impressive demo videos were released by the company.

According to TheVerge?rumors?suggested Google was developing three different prototypes of new Google Glass including a ?sport? version besides traditional smart-glasses for enterprise users.
Google aims to target the Enterprise and industrial segments of the market with possibility of its application in designing, architecture, management and finance.

According to GeekSnack, Google will probably unveil its first prototype of Project Aura at Google I/O 2016. It however remains to be seen if Google actually comes with a product since filing a patent doesn?t necessarily mean the product will see light of the day.

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