Would you Try Google Glass and It’s New Mind Reading Feature?

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One of the many features that we know about Google Glass is that you can talk to it. Technically, it can be just a “gimmick” but not really a feature. But it does matter when you are walking on the sidewalk and blabbering commands, as you might?look like a total douche.

However, there is a recent development for the Google Glass that allows users to send commands through brain waves. Awesome right?

Google features MindRDR, a new app for Google Glass that uses brain waves to be able to issue commands. However, it requires a headgear device called the Neurosky EEG Biosensor. This new device will pick up brain waves. Then, it will interpret the commands and send them to Google Glass.

It works like this:

If you are looking at something, let us say it is a piece of ?food item. The device and the app will pick up brain waves while you are looking at the food. ?The biosensor correlates your ability to focus. The device receives the brain waves, then sets it in a meter reading before sending the data to the app. The app will interpret the reading and sends a command to Google Glass. ?If you are staring too much at that food, the app will send a command to Google Glass, takes a picture of it, and post it on Twitter. ?There goes your dinner!

This technology is under development stage but from here, you can now visualize how wearable devices will look in the future. Well, if you are thinking about the price, you will not be screaming like ?it?s over 9000?. But still, it is really pricey.

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The Neurosky EEG Biosensor costs ?71 while Google Glass cost ?1000. It is an unnecessary luxury but a lot of people want to have that piece of future technology.

However, there are debates whether brain wave commands are better than voice commands. Who knows? What do you think?

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