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Google Glass Enterprise Edition Boosted With Exciting Features, But You Still Can?t Have It

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Google Glass Enterprise Edition

The new phase of Google Glass, the Enterprise Edition, gets a boost of new features and upgrades that will set it apart from the original which we are still deciding whether it was a success or not.

As we all know, the new Google Glass is not to be mistaken as the Google Glass 2, which was first intended for the mass consumer market. With the Enterprise Edition, Google has decided to do away with the frills (meaning it?s no longer just a lifestyle gadget), and leave behind its more practical uses that will make it an effective tool for business and corporate settings.

Google Glass Enterprise Edition gets boosted

According to 9to5google, the Enterprise Edition will not fall far from the tree of the Explorer Edition glass, but there are quite a few noticeable changes. For one, the new Glass will be foldable like a regular eyewear, but since it?s not meant for daily display like the Explorer, the design is now more clunky, and a tad less streamlined.

But this doesn?t mean that the new version is any less effective. It has all of the computer hardware along the right side just as XE did, and a prism that sits in front of the right eye. The device,?similar to?the Explorer Edition, has a band that stretches around the forehead, going?back around the left ear. What?s most obviously new at first glance is a robust hinge mechanism that allows the computer and battery modules to fold down like a regular pair of glasses, and a hinge for folding down the left side of the band as well.

The design allows the new Glass to withstand more elements such as normal drops and bumps. The website?s sources have also said that the device is more water resistant, built with fewer places for water and other outside material to seep in. And, as to be expected from a device built for the workplace, Google has tweaked?its visual aesthetic to better fit in a factory or a hospital than on a runway. It?s practical and industrial, with a focus on function over fashion.

The Enterprise Edition will also have a larger prism display for a better viewing experience, an Intel Atom processor that brings better performance, which means that battery life and heat management is improved ? a big factor as these were the main problems of consumers who purchased the first Google Glass.

However, as the new edition is intended only for a work environment setting, there?s no assurance of seeing more of the awkward eyewear being worn again anytime soon.

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