Google+ for Android Gets an Update to Improve Usability of the App

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Google+ for Android gets updated with several new features to improve usability of the app that would surely make users love it even more.

The new update would captivate the users? heart for aesthetics, as it brings changes in the design, specifically the navigation menu that would help a user access his or her circles and friends with much ease.

Aside from this, users can expect a more organized gallery or some sort of media journal with the help of Google+ Stories which automatically combine photos, videos, and places that the users have visited into amazingly beautiful trip summaries. This new feature would surely satisfy the craving for a wonderful set of media gallery of the artistic side of a user. Isn?t it? This is in addition to Google+ for Android device?features that automatically backs up photos and videos without even touching or lifting a finger, namely: Auto Awesome, Auto Enhance, photo editor, and unlimited standard-size backups.

Users can also create their animated GIFs and photobooth-style images on demand with the updated Google+ for Android. In addition, the company also added a new, fluid way to create posts.

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Moreover, users can also start a hangout with friends, share photos, or even get driving directions to friends that appear on your Locations map. With Hangouts on user?s Android devices, he or she can send messages and even make video calls on multiple devices to multiple people.

And aside from additional bug fixes and performance improvements, Google+ for Android will allow users to view the total content on profiles.

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These new features are the add-ons on the existing awesome functionalities of Google+ for Android, namely:

– Follow what friends, family, and interesting people around the world are sharing
– Join communities to explore interests and find people with similar passions
– Automatically back up photos and videos at full resolution
– Bring photos to life with Auto Awesome, including animated GIFs, movies, stories and more.

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