Google Eyes Big Brands on Major Advertisement Deal with comScore

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Google now has its eyes set on big brands as it signs a major advertising deal with comScore. This will give the Internet search giant to gain more from companies like Kellogg. Google will integrate comScore?s Validated Campaign Essentials into its DoubleClick ad business. Combining these two technologies will allow advertisers and publishers to track ads online in real ? time. This way, they can change things on the fly should the campaigns turn out ineffective.

Deal may Affect Billions of Ads

The integration of comScore?s vCE will help the Internet search giant to share more data with advertisers, such as identifying target audience and their interests. The deal may affect billions of ads per day, changing the way big brands and agencies execute campaigns. This move is just a part of Google?s plans to get more big brands that have spent most of their marketing budget on TV ads. Google?s vice president for display ad Neal Mohan said that their partnership with comScore is their key to real ? time measurement of target audience.

Google Sets its Eyes on Brand Ad

The Internet search giant has already found success on performance ? related online ads. However, the company allows more room for growth on brand advertising. The brand advertising market covers TV, digital and other traditional ads. Its totality equates to over $300 billion per year, which is why Google is positioning itself with the big brands to earn more profit.

This also means boosting the digital brand ad expenditure from $18 billion this year, to $31 billion by 2017, according to eMarketer. It also added that expenditure on direct response online ads will go up from $25 billion to $32 billion.

Big Brands Want Independent Data on Campaign Status

Google has been improving its ad measurement technology for years. The company is now welcoming third ? party ad measuring firms such as comScore and Nielsen, which signals its focus on more brands. The reason why the Internet search giant craves for big brands is because these companies demand independent data on the status of their campaigns.

With the signed deal, this data can be taken out in just minutes. Google seems to favor comScore over Nielsen since the former offers more third ? party ad measurement services.

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