Google Enhances Gmail Encryption to Protect Users from NSA

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Google has decided to enhance its Gmail encryption to keep users from potential hackers. Having an email is significant for most people. Even before the instant messaging applications on smartphones, this remains to be one of the best options to exchange important messages. In fact, large companies are still using this medium of communication today. This is why Gmail is using an encrypted HTTPS connection whenever your send or check email.

Tighter Security on Emails


Gmail has been using an HTTPS connection since it was launched and was made the default in 2010. The recent changes mean that nobody can sneak a peek at your messages, whether you check email in public WiFi or from your tablet, phone or computer. In addition, 100 percent of all the email messages you send or receive will be encrypted while internally moving. This will ensure that all your messages are tightly secured not only when there is movement between you and the server, but also when there is movement ?in Google?s data centers. The tech giant has placed security at top priority after the revelations last summer.

Commitment to Customer Satisfaction

There is a same level of importance in being able to access your Gmail account and keeping it secured from hackers. Last year, Gmail became available 99.978 percent of the time. This means a user experienced less than two hours of disruption for the entire year. Google?s engineering experts have looked after its services 24/7. Should there be a problem, these guys work on solving the case immediately.

Google posted constant updates on the problem, viewable on Apps Status Dashboard until the issue has been solved. The company also conducts a full analysis on the issue to make sure it won?t happen again. It is Google?s commitment to ensure that security and reliability of everyone?s Gmail account is absolute. The tech giant promises to keep working on ways to improve service.

Back off, NSA

The issue on the National Security Agency?s unethical snooping created an Internet outrage from various people around the world. NSA was accused of secretly tapping the networks of Yahoo and Google to get real ? time communication status. This accusation came out when documents were presented by NSA whistleblower, Edward Snowden. Google immediately released a statement saying that it was not aware of NSA?s activity, but will take the necessary actions.

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