Google Engineer Revealed Some Android Wear Notifications

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Google engineer Timothy Jordan revealed some Android Wear notifications in his account at Google+ to show how this wearable extends to the Android platform.

The announcement reads, ?One of the coolest parts of Android Wear is how it extends the Android platform to a new generation of devices out of the box, without any need to update your app. If you have a notification-enabled app, those notifications will generally just work on your new wearable,? Timothy Jordan, Senior Developer Advocate posted.

The news basically means that any application in your Android smartphone or tablet which sends notifications to your device can now be extended to the wearable device running Android Wear with less effort.

?It’s striking how useful these notifications are and easy to imagine how much more valuable they could get with a little bit of additional development. With just a few lines of code you can deliver even richer experiences on the wearable by using stacks, pages, and voice replies,? Jordan said.


In order for the user to easily identify what kind of notification is sent to the wearable, there will be an app icon which will be featured in the top right corner. This way, you?ll be informed of whatever it is that you need to be informed about via your smartphone or tablet. The notifications will take the lower half of the screen of your wearable and you can view simply by a right-to-left swipe gesture.

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Android Wear is a version of Google’s Android operating system which is specifically designed for smartwatches and other wearables. Announced last March 18, 2014 with a developer preview available, Android Wear is expected to come to the new LG G Watch and the Motorola Moto 360.

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Android Wear is a small, powerful device, worn on the body. It extends the Android platform to a new generation of wearable devices.

?Your app?s notifications will already appear on Android wearables. With the new Android Wear APIs you can customize and extend those notifications,? Android Wear official developer?s site said.

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