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Google Deepmind AI beats Go World Champion

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The war between humans and artificial intelligence (AI) seems like something that will happen in a futuristic setting – but it has happened – over an ancient Chinese board game no less.

Google Deepmind?s powerful artificial intelligence AlphaGo has just won versus Go world champion, Lee Se-dol, in the first series of matches in Seoul. He is one of the world’s best players of the ancient Chinese game of Weiqi, which is better known as Go. The tournament between Sedol and DeepMind was broadcasted live on YouTube that started on March 9th at 1:00 p.m. local time. Every single game takes mostly four to five hours to complete.

According to Gizmodo, it was a ?close first game.? AlphaGo won in a game that ?looked to be neck-and-neck for its entirety, filled with complex fighting on both sides,? by resignation after 186 moves,? according to Google. The winning team of the entire five-game series will win a prize amounted to $1 million. As per reports by Gizmodo, European Go champion Fan Hui has already been beaten by AlphaGo too, three times over the course of five matches. Sedol was considered to be a very difficult challenge. He has been dominating the world of Go for much of his professional career. As per Gizmodo, who talked to the world champion after the game, Sedol stated, ?I would like to express my respect to [the Deepmind] team for making such an amazing program like AlphaGo. I am surprised by this result. But I did enjoy the game and am looking forward to the next one.?

According to BBC, Mr Lee had said before the match started, “Playing against a machine is very different from an actual human opponent.”
The entire event was reminiscent of the 1996 chess match which occurred in between the chess grandmaster Gary Kasparov and IBM?s Deep Blue computer.

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