Google’s Daydream VR SDK Released To Game Developers

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Daydream VR SDK

Google has just updated its Daydream VR SDK from the beta version to public release. The new VR platform is now available for game and content developers through Google?s developers website.

Coming out as Daydream VR SDK 1.0, this software package promises to simplify common VR development tasks. Google believes that in doing so, developers can focus more on the content and let Daydream VR SDK handle the rest.

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The SDK supports hi-fi spatialized audio, integrated synchronous reprojection, and interactions using the Daydream wireless controller. Apart from the aforementioned features, the Daydream VR SDK also supports existing graphic engines like Unity, Unreal, and or course, Android 3D.

Also included in the SDK is the Daydream VR controller emulator. Developers can take advantage of this feature in building content that makes use of the controller. This emulator is a representation of the actual Daydream VR wireless controller. In the emulator, developers will have a circular touch area, two buttons, and a connection indicator. Developers will be able to emulate touch click functions within the application.

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Daydream VR SDK

To facilitate collaboration, Google has also introduced the Daydream Access Program or DAP. DAP developers will be able to get first-hand information on updates on Daydream?s developer tools. They will also be able to connect directly with Google though the DAP community. Daydream apps can be submitted to Google Play though DAP.

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At launch, Daydream VR will feature various apps from different developers such as HBO, Imax, CNN, NBA, and others. Some game developers like Electronic Arts and Ubisoft will also be featured at the launch.

To further help would-be developers, Google has also provided step-by-step instructions in setting up the Daydream VR SDK. These instructions include all the prerequisite hardware and software as well as how to perform the actual setup.

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In addition to the setup instructions, some sample applications and tutorials were also made available by Google. This will ensure that developers new to the SDK will have sufficient data to begin with. This will also make coding a lot easier.

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