Google Daydream View vs Xiaomi Mi VR Play: What Comes Out On Top?

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Google Daydream View
Google Daydream View

Virtual reality, better known as VR, is no longer the things of sci-fi movies as it has recently come to life. With Oculus Rift paving the way for VR, Google and Xiaomi did not lag behind. Today, we will be exploring Google Daydream View vs Xiaomi Mi VR Play to see which one will come out on top.

Besides Google being an internet mogul with the Google search engine, it is a tech giant that has dominated markets because of their Android platform. In the recent years, they have delved into smartphones through the Android platform. Now, they have delved into virtual reality. Although from different beginnings, Xiaomi has also delved into virtual reality. Xiaomi is a Chinese tech company that boasts of its amazing phones with great specs with budget friendly prices.

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Although a lot of consumers may not know that Xiaomi offers a range of products other than smartphones, they are getting more and more popular. Since they consistently offer new technology and cheap offerings, Xiaomi is starting to make its name. So, with these two tech companies, which one has made the better VR headset? Check it out below.

Look and feel

As with other VR headsets, it fits like goggles or glasses and should block out the light to enhance the VR experience. The recently released Google Daydream View has been said to feature a soft, blanket-like feel. This makes the product very cozy to wear and good to the touch. It is made with soft fabric material that helps make it lightweight. For now, it comes in one color, which is gray.

The Xiaomi Mi VR Play, on the other hand, offers six designs. The available styles for this VR headset are denim, pink, floral, leopard, camouflage, lotus and night sky. It is made from lycra, which also makes it lightweight and comfortable. There is a two-way zipper to make sure that it will be able to hold your handset in place.

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Phone Compatibility

VR headsets usually need a phone to display virtual reality. So, in this case, Google Daydream View offers a snug fit for phones that have 5-inch and 5.5-inch screens. This is due to the fact that only Google?s Pixel lineup are the only ones compatible with this headset. For now, at least.

The Mi VR Play can comfortably fit phones between 4 inches up to 5.7 inches. As mentioned earlier, it features a two-way zipper to hold the phones into a snug fit. Beyond this, the Mi VR Play also has anti-reflective aspheric lenses. This is put together with a textured metal button on the top of the device. So, the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus will fit into this VR headset and is compatible.

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Compatible Apps

Although not in this showdown, readers should note that the Samsung Gear VR probably has the most VR apps to date. With the new and upcoming VR headsets though, it will not be too long before VR compatible apps will be released. So, now, let us get down to the compatible apps for the Xiaomi Mi VR Play. This headset device offers viewing of VR videos, experiences as well as games. Since Xiaomi has partnered with Youku, China?s equivalent to YouTube, Conde Nast Traveler, VR hotcast, plus a lot more, they provide an open platform. This means that users will probably be able to use the Mi VR Play.

On the other hand, the Google Daydream View VR is only compatible with a handful of apps. According to Wareable, Google has partnered with ?The New York Times, Wall Street Journal for news while Hulu, Netflix, HBO, IMAX are bringing their libraries. USA Today, CNN, MLB, NBA and Lionsgate have also signed up.? However, at the moment, only YouTube is greatly compatible with this VR headset.

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Release Date and Price

At the moment, Xiaomi Mi VR Play is not available in the US. But, there are some retailers that have it on hand, and it will only cost $19.99. On the other hand, the Google will release Daydream View on November 15, 2016. It will be sold for $79, 69 pounds, or AU$119. Availability-wise, it can be bought from the Google Store as well as Verizon and Best Buy. If you are residing in the UK, EE and Carphone Warehouse will have it available.


Since Mi VR Play has a successor coming out soon called the Mi VR, you might as well wait for that. However, between Google Daydream View and Mi VR Play, there is no sure way to tell which one is better. The budget friendly price of the Xiaomi?s offering may seem like the safest bet while Google tries to improve the Daydream VR. But, at the end of the day, only buyers will get the final choice.

What is your choice? Let us know in the comments section below. Stay tuned to TheBitBag.

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