Google Daydream View Release: What Is Google?s VR Headset Like?

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Google Daydream View Release
Google Daydream View Release

Virtual Reality or VR gadgets have started a new movement in the advancement of technology. Google is not one to be behind in advancing technology, so they revealed the Google Daydream View release. Read on to know more about Google?s VR headset.

Since the Oculus Rift headset came into light, many tech companies have started to get on the bandwagon of building their own VR headset. With Samsung and Xiaomi amongst other companies making their own cut of the VR headset sales, Google is not one to back down. Google has introduced the Google Daydream in their event about a month ago.

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What is Google?s VR like?

Well, in short, a user of this VR headset would need a Google Pixel phone. It is compatible with only the Pixel or the Pixel XL, which is good news to those who already have the phone. Otherwise, the headset will be compatible with other phones in the long run, just not now. Apparently though, it will only be compatible with other Android phones. Therefore, those who have Apple?s iPhones may not be able to try this device out.

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Furthermore, what is great about this device is the fact that it is smaller than a Samsung Gear VR. This is only in comparison to size. As to the comparison of the two, the two devices are too different to be even put up against each other. Google Daydream View features a cozy outer part that is soft, which has been described to feel like a blanket. It also has a smaller headset that is easier to carry around in a bag.

Since the VR headsets need a phone for it to work, slipping a Google Pixel or Pixel XL in it is easier. Well, compared to other headsets. Plus, you would not need to plug in any other things as it automatically connects, according to CNet in comparison to the Samsung Gear VR. Apparently, the best part about this VR headset is that it has a remote control that you can take in and out of a small pocket. It has been described to act like a remote control though it does need to be charged separately.

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What apps can you use with the Google Daydream View?

As with the other VR headsets, there are not a lot of apps available for VR as it is still a new concept. However, Google Daydream lets users connect to YouTube, Google Play as well as other Google apps. According to the same CNet article, YouTube will launch right into Daydream, which is apparently the best app to launch. Since there are a lot of 360-degree content out in YouTube, a VR will help set the mood. Although as mentioned, there are not a lot of apps available for the Google Daydream compared to the Samsung Gear VR.

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How much is a Google Daydream View?

Compared to other VR headsets, Google Daydream may take the cake as it will retail for $79, ?69 or AU$119. However, not everyone should go out and buy it just yet. It is still a new project. Although the price may look easy on the budget, the platform is not as affixed to those who do not own Pixel phones.

What do you think of the Google Daydream View? Let us know in the comments section below. Stay tuned to TheBitBag for more!

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