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Google’s stock Android Clock is now available in Google Play.

If you?re one of those who appreciates the no frills advantages of Google?s Stock Android Clock, then you?ll be happy to know that this feature is now available for other Android devices via Google Play.

The app, simply known as Clock, offers a simple but quite effective way to set alarms, timers, and keep tabs of time around the world ? a plus specially for those working on multiple time zones.

Although these may all sound like standard features of other time apps, many are quite particular with Google Clock because it can work in sync with the Google Voice Command, and can set your alarms with simple voice requests. And in the evening, Google Clock dims down for the wearer to signal an end for the day.

The Google Clock is version 4.0.1 and works best for Android gadgets running on Android 4.4 or higher. It also takes up only 6MB of storage ? another plus! To get the full advantage of this App, it is best if one is using hardware such as Google Nexus and other more compatible third party equipment.

Google Watch is only one of a series of standalone applications that Google has made available in Google Play. Before Watch, the company previously released its camera app in Play store. Google Now launcher, which gives users the ability to swipe right for Google’s card-based virtual assistant, and to use specific voice commands, were also launched for other Android devices.

Updates are expected very soon for the Google Watch as initial downloads experienced some technical problems after installation.

Get Google Watch here.

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