Google’s Chromecast Ultra Leaked Ahead Of Possible October 4 Unveiling

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Google's Chromecast Ultra

It looks like it is going to be a full house for Google on Oct. 4 during its fall event. Not only is the company rumored to release two new Pixel devices. Google is also planning on unveiling the Chromecast Ultra.

Google?s Chromecast Ultra will be the update of the wireless streaming device under the same brand name. According to reports made by famous leaker Evan Blass, the new Chromecast Ultra will be able to stream 4K videos wirelessly.

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From the outside of it, there is not much difference in form factor at all. It is still the same ?puck? shaped design with a bit of cabling and an HDMI plug at the end. The only discerning difference now is the disappearance of the Chrome logo. Instead, it was replaced with a simple ?G? or Google logo. Readers may note that this is the same logo that appears on the much-awaited Pixel mobile phones. It seems like Google is going for harmony in hardware branding.

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Although it looks pretty much the same on the outside as its predecessor, the same cannot be said on what lies inside this device. Google decided to up the ante by supporting 4K video streaming with the new Chromecast Ultra. Consumers who currently own 4K ready televisions can now watch videos in stunning quality virtually cable-free. These videos can be wirelessly streamed from a computer, tablet or a mobile phone.

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If any of the rumors are true, Google intends to unveil this new 4K streaming device on Oct. 4. This product will be introduced to the masses along with new mobile phones, a laptop and a hybrid OS.

Ahead of the unveiling, the beta form of the new Chromecast firmware is now available for Chromecast Preview Program participants. Just like the hardware, this new firmware also sports the simplistic ?G? logo.

The new Google Chromecast Ultra will retail at $69 on release. This is almost twice the price the original Chromecast. Undoubtedly, the price increase is quite justifiable due to the fact the the original version of the device can only stream 1080p videos.

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